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Our processing rates vary according to the average transaction value (ATV) you process.

The following table summarises the rates and includes the link for you to apply. Please select the correct link as we reserve the right to adjust pricing if your actual ATV is not in line with the link selected.

To apply, simply click on the relevant link according to your ATV and complete the application online:

UK Rates

Fee Band ATV (Average Transaction Value) Merchant Service Charge per transaction
All Visa and Mastercard Cards
Sign Up Link
A £2.00 or Greater 1.5% Sign Up
B £1.50 to £1.99 2% Sign Up
C £1 to £1.49 2.5% Sign Up
D £0.01 to £0.99 2.95% Sign Up

Once your application is completed and submitted online, you will receive confirmation of your application reference. We will email you if there are any queries or once the application is approved with details of your merchant ID which will be used for set up of your Payter devices.

All major payment methods supported