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Malta Application Process

The merchant account is aimed at the business responsible for taking card transactions and receiving monies into their bank account. The bank account name must match the merchant name.

The person completing the application must be a director or owner of the business. If the applicant is not a director or owner then a director or owner must provide a letter confirming the applicant has approval to manage the account. We provide a template of that letter for you to download here This must be completed and put on company headed paper

European Rates

Fee Band ATV (Average Transaction Value) Service Charge
A €2.00 or Greater 1.5%
B €1.50 to €1.99 2%
C €1 to €1.49 2.5%
D €0.01 to €0.99 2.95%

Key Features

  • Blended pay as you go rate
  • No set up or activation charges
  • No minimum monthly service charge

To apply for any of the countries in Europe we need the relevant application completing accompanied by the following:

Application Requirements

Proof of Identity for two Directors if there is more than one direct if not then one director or sole trader.
Two proofs required for each individual (One must be Photo ID). Drivers licence or Passport (showing full passport page with codes Full Name & D.O.B.) One must be proof of home address (must be no more than 3 months old) such as utility bill/bank statement showing the name and address of each individual, you can use driving licence for proof of address as long as you have not already used it as photo ID
Bank Information
Copy of Bank Statement showing the following (we do not need whole statement, just the following) Bank Name, Name of Company or Charity Account Number and Sort Code If it is an online statement it must show above plus have URL visible
The bank wants to know who the Owners are. So please provide details of anyone owning more than 25% shares
Two proofs required for each individual – as per above Identity proofs -if already supplied as owner or director this is not needed a second time

To Apply, Follow These Four Steps:

Step One

Download all four forms below. The Application Form and Checklist are interactive PDF documents. Please complete these forms on your computer. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are for your reference and acceptance

Step Two

Once you have completed the Application Form and Checklist, save the interactive PDFs and the requested documents and email them to our team at enquiries@qixpay.com.

Do not sign the application at this stage – we will check it is correct and amend as necessary. We will then send the application form back to you for signature.

Step Three

After checking your paperwork is correct and advising on any additional details that are required, we will send you your Schedule Of Fees.

Step Four

We will send your signed completed application to Elavon who will start the process of setting up your account.

Download each form by clicking the links below.

All forms must be completed or reviewed as applicable to complete the application

Once your application is submitted we will email you if there are any queries. We will also email you once the application is approved with details of your merchant ID, which will be used for set up of your Payter devices.