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Ingenico IWL251
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The iCT/IWL range was designed to become the portable payment platform par excellence.

The IWL251 GPRS is perfect for tradespeople, delivery drivers, mobile hairdressers or anyone looking to take fast and secure card payments on the go.

With an in-built 3G SIM, this device connects to best available network.Incorporating the most advanced technology and efficient power management, this mobile device has a capacity of more than a full day under the most intensive use conditions.

18 Month Fixed Contract Term
£21.95 per month
Configuration & Delivery
£20.00 per device

Prices are subject to VAT where applicable

Features & Benefits

  • Roaming SIM Card so you’re not restricted to just one network
  • Accepts all payment method including EMV, Chip & PIN, Magstripe and NFC/Contactless
  • Safe and Secure Payment – certified to the industry’s latest standard
  • Pocket-sized and super lightweight, this is the perfect mobile device
QixPay offers a wide range of payment solutions to support you and your business.

For more information about QixPay and the services we provide, please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 123 1249 or email info@qixpay.com