Choosing your merchant account

With up to 40% savings, explore our account options before making a decision



PAYG or Pay Monthly


No Lengthy Contracts

100% Online Application

Save money by choosing the right merchant account for your business. We offer two types of account to give you more choice & flexibility

Standard Merchant Account

Perfect for larger and established businesses accepting higher volumes of card payments, looking for customised pricing with lower transaction charges. This account has a combination of fixed monthly fees and transaction charges based on your card volumes.

Key Features 

Personalised rates based on card turnover

Chip & PIN and MOTO option

Online & eCommerce option

Portal to track payments

Daily settlement T+3

Optional faster settlement for a small fee

6 months minimum contract term 

Get set-up in days

UK customer support 

No set-up fee

Standard Pay Monthly accounts are less suited to businesses with low card volumes because of the monthly minimum usage requirement, typically £20.00 per month.

Pay As You Go Account

Designed for start-ups, seasonal and small businesses that take less than £25k a year in card payments. It’s a Pay As You Go, low commitment option with simple transaction fees which are only charged when you take a payment. There are no fixed monthly commitments or PCI fees.

Key Features

Single rate for Mastercard & Visa*

Includes Online, Telephone and Chip & PIN payments

Portal to track payments

Daily/Weekly settlement

No lengthy contract, it’s PAYG

Rapid set-up, 48 hours

UK customer support

£99.00 for the full multi-channel account

FREE if you only need one payment channel –

see our Paya Lite options below

Pay As You Go is less suited to high turnover businesses. Higher card turnover businesses can still apply for this account but it may not be cost-effective in the longer term.

*Amex costs 3.95%. Mastercard & Visa rates vary based on your weekly turnover. Find out more using our quote button.

Bring your own merchant account

If you’re satisfied with your existing merchant account provider & rates, you could still save by changing your gateway and terminal provider.

If you accept online or telephone payments, the payment gateway acts as the link between your virtual terminal and/or website payment page and your merchant bank. Often the provider of your merchant account is the gateway provider too – but there’s no reason why you cannot change either, or both, services to QixPay.

Are your terminals near end of life or are you paying too much in monthly fees? Again, you may be able to swap out your terminals without having to change your merchant account provider.

If this sounds like you, use the Quote button to see what you could save or request a callback.

Are you being asked to sign a long-term contract to accept card payments? Call our sales team on 0333 123 1246 to find out more about our flexible contracts to suit your business.

Still not sure?  Take a look at our free 'Pay As You Go' lite Options

If you only need one payment channel it makes sense to choose one of these FREE products from our friends at PayaCardServices. This can later be upgraded to the full multi-channel account at anytime. Please note, if you select the Chip & PIN account, you will need to order a terminal.



New to Cards?  Thinking of switching?

Get your online quote now. Your results will show immediately without any sales follow-up unless you ask us to call you. If you like what you see, then simply select the apply button on your quotation. If you’ve not made a saving, as part of the quote process, you will have the option to send us your last 3 statements for review.